The most respected and trusted moving company in Northern California.

Sorenson history dates back to the early 1940's when the company was founded by Loran W. and Doyle R. Sorenson as a freight and fruit hauler in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley. Sorenson Moving and Storage later became a two truck operation that served California exclusively.

Loran and Doyle Sorenson retired in 1981 having provided excellent service to their customers for almost 40 years.

Rick W. Sorenson purchased the business in 1981 and ran the company as an independent until he joined United Van Lines in 1983. Rick has seen the business grow from a two truck operation to a fleet of semi tractor trailers and bobtail vans. This growth prompted a natural expansion into the long-distance markets.

Today Loran and Doyle Sorenson's tradition of quality service still holds true, as Sorenson Moving and Storage continues to provide courteous, professional service to all of their customers